Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trash to Treasure: My Desk

I have been on the lookout for a new desk for a while. The one I have been using was my desk in college and is just too big for the space I have. Plus, I was just bored with it.

One day while on a walk with my dad we saw a bunch of furniture on the sidewalk. There are a lot of apartments in my neighborhood so towards the end of the month there is usually stuff on the sidewalk that people do not want to move. My dad knew I was looking for a desk, and he pointed out one on the sidewalk. I jokingly said sure because the desks are usually broken and made of particle board, but when I took a closer look at it the desk actually looked to be in good condition. It wasn’t made of the best material, pine, but it wasn’t particle board. Also, all the drawers worked. What I really loved was that it had a shelf section for me to put stuff. (Something my current desk was missing.) The only thing I was unsure about was the color. I liked it but thought it might be too bright, but I knew I could change that.

So, we quickly walked back to the house and grabbed my dad’s truck. I prayed no one would grab it before we got back. I had nothing to worry about since it was literally a block away.

Now, I needed to clean it up  with a damp cloth and let it air out just in case. That also gave me time to get my room ready for it.

Since getting back from my short lived time in Houston last year, I have not really unpacked or made my room feel homey. I just haven’t been in the mood.  

Getting this desk has rejuvenated me a little and now my room looks much more warm and cozy. The desk color even matches my room perfectly.

I am still figuring out where everything goes. Let me know if you want a tour of it when I am finished

What is something that you have that has gone from trash to treasure?

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