Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Planner Supplies on a Budget

No one wants to break their budget to decorate their planners. Here are a few tips I have that will help you save a lot.

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Check out dollar stores
These places always have cute stickers and occasionally some nice Post-Its.

Check the dollar sections of stores, like Target
Target is one of my favorite places to find supplies. They always have the cutest stickers, post-Its, and washi tape that many times also themed to the season.

Check the teacher section of stores Teachers love to decorate and make their rooms look inviting. Many of the products developed for them can be adapted for your planner, like small wall decorations.

Bring Coupons!
There are several stores that I never walk into without a coupon: Joann’s, Michaels, and Staples. These stores can be expensive but they always have weekly coupons. I like to wait for the ones that give a percentage off my entire purchase versus off one item.

Be Creative
Use items you may not think of as stationary. Scrapbook paper, stamps, and ribbon can all make awesome decorations. Also, you can make your own personalized stickers and paper clips. (Check out my friend's Creative Memories page)

How do you save money on your planner decorations?

See what my planner looks like here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Daiso Haul

Recently, I went to Daiso (a Japanese version of a dollar store where everything is a $1.50) and I picked up some beauty and planner items. 

What items do you like the best?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My 2015 Planner & Organization

I have been obsessed with planners since I was in middle school. Recently, I discovered that people take it to a whole other level by using stickers and washi tape. This discovery completely renewed my planner obsession.

See how I set up and organize my planner for 2015.

One day I (soon I hope) would like to get an Erin Condren Life Planner.

Leave your planner related requests in the comments.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Book Review: Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald By Therese Anne Fowler

 I recently finished a historical fiction book about Zelda Fitzgerald. She was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald who is most famous for writing The Great Gatsby (he’s one of my favorite writers too). 

When I was in college I had to do a research paper about a woman married to a famous man. That’s when I stumbled across Zelda. She was an amazing woman that was full of life and potential. F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the term “flapper” and supposedly based it on Zelda. She was considered the definition of a modern woman during the early 1920’s. Zelda was a good writer that I believe never got the recognition she deserved. Unfortunately, the later half of her life was fill of tragedy as she was considered crazy. She spent the last years of her life in and out of sanitariums.

The book Z A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald By Therese Anne Fowler takes a nontraditional take on her life. It takes what history has said about Zelda and turned it upside down. I found the book thoroughly interesting and highly recommend it.

What book are you reading now? What’s your favorite genre to read?

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Monday, February 2, 2015

New Blog and Giveaway!

Welcome to my new lifestyle blog. I wanted to blog more about things other than just makeup and beauty items. I felt that my original blog HistoryBeauty (check it out here) would feel too hodgepodgy so I decided to create a whole new blog! 

This blog will be everything from book reviews, decor, planners, and random musings. 

To celebrate my new blog I teamed up with my friend, Cyndi, who is a Creative Memories consultant. Creative Memories is a company that provides you with all your scrapbooking needs so you can safely save all your photographic memories. (Check out her page here)

Cyndi has been kind enough to offer to giveaway this awesome scrapbooking kit. It has everything you need complete a small album (including the album). This kit is exclusive and is not available for sale. 

There are several ways for you to enter the giveaway below. Sorry but this giveaway is US residents only. 
I hope you will enjoy the new blog and follow me through BlogLovin’.